Discover the Benefits of Octopus Flux Tariff and How It Works with Fox ESS Batteries

Benefits of Octopus Flux Tariff and How It Works

Harness the power of 100% renewable energy to fuel your household with the latest energy tariff offered by Octopus Energy, called Octopus Flux. Tailored exclusively for homeowners equipped with solar and battery systems, Octopus Flux is the pioneering import and export tariff. It empowers homeowners to maximise the utilization of their solar and storage capabilities, leading to substantial reductions in energy costs.

Octopus Flux tariff, in partnership with the Fox Energy Storage System batteries, offers a range of benefits for households with solar panels and battery storage. This innovative tariff is designed to empower consumers with solar and battery storage to optimise their energy consumption and save money by leveraging smart import and export tariffs. By integrating with the Fox Energy Storage System batteries, the Octopus Flux tariff provides consumers with the flexibility to maximise their energy usage and minimise costs, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and economical energy management solution. 

 One of the key benefits of the Octopus Flux tariff is its ability to optimise import and export tariffs, allowing consumers to make the most of their solar energy production and battery storage capacity. This intelligent tariff takes into account peak energy usage and selling periods, ensuring that consumers receive the best rates for both using and selling their energy. By aligning energy consumption with favourable tariff periods, households can significantly reduce their electricity bills while contributing to a more efficient and balanced energy grid.  

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How does Octopus Flux work?

Octopus Flux is an innovative electricity tariff exclusively designed for solar and battery storage owners, offering the opportunity to power your home with 100% renewable energy. 

This is how it maximizes your energy usage and helps you save money:

  • Super Cheap Rates: Between 02:00 – 05:00 every day, benefit from highly discounted rates. This is the ideal time to juice up your battery, and if you own an Electric Vehicle, charge it up too. 
  • Peak Rate: From 16:00 – 19:00, you are introduced to the peak rate. Make the most of this window by discharging your battery and selling your surplus energy back to the grid. 
  • Flat Day Rate: All other times of the day are covered by a standard flat day rate.
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Fox Energy Storage System + Octopus Flux

With the Fox Energy Storage System, you can have greater control over your energy usage, optimizing self-consumption and reducing reliance on the grid. This integration promotes a more sustainable and economical energy management solution, empowering homeowners to make the most of their solar energy production and battery storage capacity. Embrace the Octopus Flux Tariff and the Fox Energy Storage System to unlock a greener and more cost-effective energy future for your home. .

How do I sign up for Octopus Flux?

To start your sustainable journey with Octopus Flux, ensure you have: 

  • Make sure you have solar panels installed.
  • Ensure you have a smart meter in place.

If you’re a homeowner or business owner looking to take advantage of this cutting-edge energy tariff, you can explore the option of receiving a complimentary solar panel estimate from the acclaimed team at GE Solutions. Start your solar journey with us!

10 FAQ’s about Octopus FLUX Tariff

1.What is Octo Flux?

The Octopus Flux energy tariff is an innovative three-rate electricity plan created for the contemporary energy user, catering to both energy consumption and selling. It presents homeowners, particularly those with solar panels, with a holistic approach to managing their energy requirements and maximizing the benefits of their renewable sources.

2.Is Octopus Flux a flexible tariff?

Yes, it is a flexible tariff. This means the unit rate and standing charges can rise and fall with wholesale energy prices. There's no exit fees or tie-ins, so if Octopus Flux doesn't work for you, you're free to switch tariffs or change suppliers with no penalties at any time.

3.What happens if the flexible tariff rates change?

Octopus Flux adapts to the dynamic energy market. As Octopus' flexible tariffs evolve, Flux pricing will most likely change. However, transparency remains crucial. All Octopus Flux customers will receive prompt notifications regarding any upcoming adjustments, guaranteeing no unexpected changes. Moreover, the ability to switch tariffs or providers at any time grants users unparalleled flexibility without incurring exit fees or commitments.

4.Is there an export limit?

Octopus Flux does not set a cap on the export rate or the total monthly electricity export. However, the design of your solar system may impose limitations. Solar systems are engineered with the breaker's limit in mind, which usually ranges between 40 and 100 amps. This design prevents overloading, ensuring safety and efficiency.

5.If I switch to Octopus Flux, what will happen to my FiT generation contract?

When you switch to Octopus Flux, your FiT (Feed-in Tariff) generation contract will remain unchanged, guaranteeing consistent payments for energy generation. However, there will be a slight adjustment in the 'deemed export' payments. Users will need to opt-out of these and, in return, will benefit from the Octopus Flux export rate. This rate is determined based on the actual kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy exported, using real-time data from your smart meter.

6Do seasonal changes or daylight savings impact the super cheap period?

Do seasonal changes or daylight savings impact the super cheap period? Your Octopus Flux rates remain unaffected by seasonal changes and daylight savings. The super cheap period consistently spans from 02:00 – 05:00 UK local time, and the peak period from 16:00 – 19:00 UK local time, throughout the year. Although your In-Home Display may display occasional variations, rest assured that the billing system from Octopus Energy is equipped to accommodate such external factors, ensuring the accuracy of your bills.

7.Do I need a smart meter?

A smart meter is essential for Octopus Flux as it provides crucial half-hourly readings necessary for accurate billing and payments. If your home doesn't have a suitable smart meter, worry not! Octopus provides a free installation service to ensure you're set up without any extra charges."

8.Can I join Octopus Flux if I have an electric vehicle?

Absolutely! Octopus Flux extends beyond powering your home. If you own an electric vehicle, you'll be pleased to learn that this tariff is tailored to work seamlessly with EVs. This allows you to effectively oversee your vehicle's charging requirements while minimizing expenses, making Octopus Flux an all-encompassing energy solution.

9What are the essential requirements for the Octopus Flux tariff?

To benefit from Octopus Flux, you need to meet specific criteria. These include having a smart meter to track energy usage accurately, a solar system for generating renewable energy, a home battery for storage, the MCS document outlining your solar system's specifications, and confirmation that your local energy network is aware of your solar installation. This criteria is crucial for a seamless experience with the Octopus Flux tariff.

10.How do I switch to Octopus Flux?

Transitioning to Octopus Flux is a seamless process. Begin by expressing your interest and joining our waitlist. With online sign-ups on the horizon, our team will soon contact you with the next steps to commence your transition. Your eco-friendly adventure with Octopus Flux is on the horizon!

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