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What Is a Home Solar Battery Storage System?

Home battery storage refers to the use of rechargeable batteries to store excess electricity generated by renewable energy sources (such as solar panels). You can then use that stored energy to power your home at times when your solar panels don’t generate enough electricity, including nights, cloudy days, and during power outages.
Home solar battery storage systems typically include the batteries themselves, a battery management system to control the flow of energy, and a battery inverter to convert DC power from the batteries to AC power for use in the home. These systems can be installed as part of a new solar panel system or added to an existing one.
Homeowners are opting for a battery storage system to get the most from their solar PV solution. The battery storage system charges the battery bank during the day using surplus electricity generated by your solar panels. This means you get free electricity to power your home at ‘peak’ hours and throughout the night.
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Longer Lasting Home Energy

Solar PV panels transform solar energy into useful power, and they frequently generate more electricity than is required. Without a solar battery, the National Grid receives this surplus. This means that as the sun sets, you will be forced to rely on your energy provider rather than utilising the energy for yourself.

Storing Grid Electricity

Our energy storage systems offer smart operation, allowing users to track energy usage online. As well as storing renewable energy generation, energy storage can also be used to store electricity bought from the grid at cheaper times of the day, Off peak, such as Economy 7, Octopus Go / Agile. With Off-Peak electricity that is supplied overnight, you can charge your battery with it

Feed-in Tariff Payments

The feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme closed to new applications on 31 March 2019. If you currently receive FIT payments for an existing renewable electricity system, and you add an electricity storage system, then your generation payments will not be affected.

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Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage offers several benefits, including.

Increased Energy Independence

With a solar battery, you can store excess energy generated by your solar panels and use it when needed, reducing your reliance on the grid.

Reduce Electricity Bills

By storing energy during off-peak hours and using it during peak demand hours, you can reduce your electricity bills.

Generate Revenue

Sell your unused solar generated electricity back to the grid to generate income and pay back the costs of installing the battery storage system.

Backup Power During Outages

Solar batteries can provide backup power during power outages, keeping your lights and appliances running.



ECS 2800/2900/4300H/4800


The ECS is a high-performance, scalable battery storage system. The modular design allows for maximum flexibility, making it suitable for a broad range of storage applications. Additional batteries can be installed in series. Installation is easy, with a plug and play solution that can save valuable time for installers.




90% Depth of Discharge



Max. 7 Modules in Series



Lifespan ≥6000 cycles




High Voltage



Plug and play set-up



Operating temperature:Charge: 0~55°C,Discharge: -10~55°C















ECS 2800


ECS 2900


ECS 4100


ECS 4300H


ECS 4800

How Much Can Solar Save You?

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What are Our Accreditations? 

We are MCS Certified

MCS is a mark of quality. Using an MCS-certified installer ensures that equipment meets good standards of performance and that installers are technically safe and competent. Every Solar solution we install is checked by an MCS Certified installation engineer. Our team know how to produce a solar design that will ensure you maximise your investment.

We're proud Members of HIES

The Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme (HIES) is a consumer protection organisation covering the installation of renewable energy products. This ensures all our customers are protected by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI) ‘Approved Code of Practice’. This also includes deposit and stage payment protection, insurance-backed guarantees and dispute resolution.

Registered Members of NAPIT

NAPIT registered scheme members in the areas of electrical, heating, plumbing, ventilation & air-conditioning, microgeneration and building fabric trades are able to certificate their own work, saving consumers the time and money that would otherwise be involved in using Building Control.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Home Battery Storage


1.What types of homes can benefit from home battery storage?

Any home that uses electricity can potentially benefit from home battery storage, but homes that have solar panels or other renewable energy sources are especially good candidates. Additionally, homes that experience frequent power outages or have high energy usage are also good candidates for home battery storage.

2.What factors should homeowners consider when choosing a home battery storage system?

When choosing a home battery storage system, homeowners should consider factors such as the system's capacity, efficiency, cost, and expected lifespan. They should also consider the type of battery technology used, the system's compatibility with their existing energy infrastructure, and any available government incentives or subsidies.

3.Are there any safety concerns with home battery storage systems?

Like any electrical system, there are some safety concerns with home battery storage systems. However, modern home battery storage systems are designed with safety in mind and incorporate features such as battery management systems and automatic shutoffs to prevent overcharging or overheating. Additionally, professional installation by a GE Solutions UK can help to ensure that the system is installed safely and correctly.

4.Are we approved installers? 

We are an approved installers of SolaX, FoxESS, Growatt, BYD & Victron Energy. Each Project is assessed to ensure the systems designed will match the specific requirements for our clients & to gain the best benefits from the technology, maximise the capacity of the energy storage solution to ensure a short payback period and positive life cycle costs.

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Clients Testimonials

Stephen Collier
Stephen Collier
A very helpful and enjoyable experience
Jason Ryder
Jason Ryder
I asked Alan to quote and provide a Solar panel and battery storage solution for our home. He provided some good advice and ideas which helped us to choose the right size to meet our needs The installation of the panels and battery was done really well and quickly, as Alan had a team working with him. They worked well and kept any mess down to a minimum. The price was good and competitive, the kit is a good quality, and Alan’s company is fully accredited, so I would highly recommend talking to Alan before you invest in any solar or battery installation
rajan chauhan
rajan chauhan
If you are thinking about getting solar dont hesitate using GE Solutions, father and son team, so knowledgeable, extremely clean workmanship, 10 out of 10. highly recommended, you wont regret it.
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Colin Jacks
very professional would highly recommend
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chris darby
Very pleased with the work carried out. Efficient team and neat installation.
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Mike jones
Good communication before and after install. Very helpful even after receiving payment. Great price. Neat work. Nothing to complain about. I'd highly recommend. Thanks.
Craig Wilshaw
Craig Wilshaw
Just purchased a 15.6KWh AC system from the company. The service was excellent from start to finish and always responded to my emails quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.
Sam Everitt
Sam Everitt
Alan and the team did a great job. Arrived when they said, did a tidy job, and the batteries are working perfectly! Answered queries I had before and after promptly, and with obvious knowledge of the systems.
Mark Greenfield
Mark Greenfield
Very efficient with a fast turnaround of my order, all fitted in a morning. Very informative at handover process including setup and running. Thank you.
Charlie Sharp
Charlie Sharp
Excellent, efficient service